uh so. i know most of you won’t see this or care for it a whole lot, but i’ve decided to actually get rid of this blog because i’m not cozy with it much anymore. i’m not making gifs or anything like i used to and a lot of you joined when i was “in” the prog fandom, so, uh.. apologies that i had changing taste. i’m gonna’ take my sideblog shotgunhours and actually use it a whole lot more. i’m just not feeling as relevant as i once was. maybe if i’m securely in a fandom i’ll feel better. uh, so, if you think you want to talk to me still, shoot me a message. i really like you all.

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A list about not recommended music in Soviet Union, with explanations.

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satyrparty: wow arent YOU a goof

what did i do??!!!! fight me irl

Someone uploaded this on pornhub lmao

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Check out SVE on this week’s episode of Funny or Die’s Throwing Shade series here.

Anonymous: Ahhhh where's ur beard?!😦😦😦😦😦


It’s behind your ear!

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Biko | Bloc Party

Years ago I would play this song constantly after I found out my friend died from cancer.

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Bloc Party

Signs (Acoustic)

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“forgot was sorry// off to chicago// http://www.artalliance.com
- Stanley Donwood on twitter